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14 Common Misconceptions About Masticating Juicer.

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Juicing is very common concept around then world. Now-a-days many people have their own juicing system to get juice from fresh fruit and vegetable.

Juicing has its many benefits. We get nutrition, energy and health promoting photochemical from the juicing system. There are some special kinds of juicer which helps our immunity system, weight loss, healthy skin and detoxify the blood. But the people have some misconception about juicer. Now we will discuss about it:

1. Misconception: “Juicing system detach juice from fiber”

Facts: The people who are weak in digestive system are suffering from nutrient deficiencies cannot get fiber benefits from fruit or vegetable. They can easily get maximum nutrient benefits from juicing system.

2. Misconception: “We can not store raw juice in fridge”

Facts: we can fridge juices but may lost some enzymes and nutrition. But it is better than letting the juice go to waste.

3. Misconception: “We have different Digestive system for fruits and vegetables”

Facts: There is no scientific evident that we cannot mix fruit and vegetable at a time. Our body and taste buds may be your guide.

4. Misconception: “Drinking too much at once”

Facts: If you take 8 oz at a time is not harmful. But you have to take it some time little more, some little less and drink it slowly. In addition, it will depend on body deals with sugar.

5. Misconception: “Too much sweet/Not enough Green”

Facts: If you do not pack a sugar punch, it will not be too much sweet. Again, if you mix cucumber and celery with your juice, it will be enough green.

6. Misconception: “Lack of living enzymes”

Facts: Some cheapest juicer may destroy living enzymes. But slow masticating juicer can not destroy the enzymes.

7. Misconception: “Fruit and vegetable juice maybe harmful for diabetes”

Facts: The fruits and vegetables which contain too much sugar may be harmful for diabetes. So try to use such type of fruit and vegetable which contain delay the absorption of the sugars.

8. Misconception: “People who have kidney should avoid juicer”

Facts: Some body claims spinach is the main cause of kidney stone comes from fruit juice. But there is no scientific reason behind it.

9. Misconception: “We can easily get nutrition from fruit and vegetable”

Facts: It is true that we easily get nutrition from fruit and vegetable. But there are some vegetables and fruit which are not tasty. We can easily make it tasty by juicer recopies.

10. Misconception: “Juicing is expensive it’s only for rich”

Facts: Juicing is for every one. It is not an expensive process. Any one can buy a juice machine.

11. Misconception: “Beta-carotene supplements are better for you than carotene-rich juices”

Facts: Juicing provides greater benefit than either beta-carotene supplements or intact carotene-rich foods. This is because juicing ruptures cell membranes, thereby liberating important nutritional compounds, such as carotenes, for easier absorption. Beta-carotene supplementation, while beneficial, only provides one particular type of carotene, whereas juicing a wide variety of carotene-rich foods will provide a broad range of carotenes, many of which have properties more advantageous than beta-carotene.

12. Misconception: “Juicing is just the latest trend agreed by celebrities”

Facts: Many health professionals like medical doctors, nutritionists and psychologists speak about benefit of juicing.

13. Misconception: “We can cover all nutritional need by our diet”

Facts: Our environment is becoming polluted day by day. The high level of stress and pressure on daily basis increase the demand of nutrition. So it is not possible to cover all type of nutrition by our diet.

14. Misconception: “Juicing has its age limit”

Facts: Juicing has not any age limit any one can use it. Juicing system is effective for man, woman, baby and old personality.