Best Commercial Juicer - Guide and Review

There's more a person who intends to go commercial in juicing may need to know before you venture in this practice. You need to consider the market, what it needs and what you can offer. This will guide you on the kind of a juicer you need to acquire to suit the dynamic needs of the market.

Centrifugal juicers are best for professional and commercial since they are quick in juicing as they use high speeds enough to exert maximum pressure on the produce squeezing out the juice.

Factor To Consider Before Buying The Best Commercial Juicer

In purchasing any good, you have to consider some factor to help you decide if it's worth digging into your pocket or not. Here are a few highlights:


Acquiring any device comes with a price hence you have how much you have and is willing to spend in its purchase. Bearing that in mind, it good to know that any juicer for both commercial and non-commercial use, the simpler it is, the less the diversity in its use and the vice versa is true. A great initial investment is very economical in the long run.


Here am referring to the entire time taken before your beverage is ready for consumption. The type of preparation you need to do, shredding and chopping, or whether the device you want should have this inbuilt saving on you time. The shelf life of your juice also is determined by your juicer.

Type Of Produce

The fruits you want to juice can either be soft, hard or even stringy. The vegetables could be leafy and nuts hard. Since there is no universal juicer, some juicers work well with some produce while others don't. It would be good to look into you produce and acquire a juicer suitable for you needs.


Stainless steel used in this design last longer without much wear and tear. There is also a warranty that you need to consider, long warranty are good you have peace of mind operating your juicer. Check also if the warranty is on the device, its motor or the accessories.

Best Commercial Juicer


Despite the fact that best commercial juicers are centrifugal running at high speeds which may alter the quality of your juice, there are some which have speed controls hence retain many nutrients, enzymes and minerals in your final product.

Recommended Best Commercial Juicer

Well, centrifugal juicers work well commercially since they are first in juicing. Below are the five most highly rated juicers in the market

1. Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer

Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer

This is a sleek, sharp design with an industrial grade juice extractor that uses 2300 PSI of force, squeezing out fresh, nutritious beverage without losing taste. The following are it features:

Exceptional Squeezing Ability

The three-pinion design can exert maximum pressure on citrus fruits that is tangerine, lime, oranges, lemons, etc. With this feature, you obtain more beverage for the same produce comparable to other juicers.

Compact Size

It's a handy portable, strong juicer; that is easy to store even in relatively small kitchens. Besides, it has a broad base for stability adding on an extra leverage.

Easy To Clean

The detachable cone and funnel are dishwasher safe part. You can also easily wash hands, rinse with clean water and leave it dry, assemble later.


Being a centrifugal or high-speed juicer, it uses a very powerful motor that makes the juicing process complete in seconds.

2. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000 Watt Juice Extractor

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000 Watt Juice Extractor

This is a very well known and demanded brand and super efficient.

It ensures maximum extract of produce with a lot of nutrients a good value for your money. These are its most distinct features:

Feeding Chute

This Breville model has a large feeding chute where you can place large quantities of fruits and vegetables to be juiced. This is a check measure of efficiency as it gives a large capacity of beverage.

Speed Controls

Well fitted to handle both soft and hard fruits juicing, but not suitable for juicing green leafy vegetables. Has low limits of 6500 RPM and high limits of 13000 RPM.

Well- Built

Its manufacture entails a good engineering art consisting of titanium plated cutting disk, die cast steel housing and a stainless steel micro mesh filter. It comes with an Italian made electric motor that maintains the filter revolutions.

Easy To Clean

Once you disassemble the juicer, you can wash by hands or place them in a dishwasher it safe. Moreover, the juicer doesn't stain or clog in the blades while extracting juice from produce.

3. New Star Food Service 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer

New Star Food Service 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer

It's easy to identify it, as it has an enamel black finish with fewer features hence ease in use.

May appear outdated due to the manual pressing during extraction, but it produces a very tasty beverage. These are its outstanding characteristics:


It's very big in size and also very heavy making it appear outdated from its comparables. This notwithstanding, it has powerful juicers that squeeze extracting juice seamlessly.

Well Built

Made of strong metal with the iron cast and 18/5 stainless steel great for aesthetics. The heavy broad base offer stability an additional in leverage.

Easy To Use

This new car citrus juicer has fewer feature hence ease of use but very functional in juicing nutritious beverages. It is a good juicer for beginners or those juicing a narrow range of fruits and vegetables.

Easy To Clean

While cleaning, it's easy to detach the cones and funnels by twisting outwards the buttons at the top and the bottom of the juicer. Then proceed to clean by hand, rinse thoroughly in clean water and place somewhere for drying before assembling it back.


Despite the fact that this juicer is well made, it has a warranty implying that the manufacturer is liable for technical defect out of his negligence.

4. Nutrifaster N450 Multipurpose Juicer

Nutrifaster N450 Multipurpose Juicer

This is a high-end centrifugal juicer, very functional and extracts maximum nutrients from your fruits or vegetables.

It is ideal for high commercial demand fresh juice joints like spas, restaurants, institutions, clubs among others. This design is characterized by:


This design is very expensive however it very efficient and produces tasty, highly nutritious beverage great mineral, vitamins, proteins, enzymes components in the juice


Made up of stainless components with a powerful 1.25 HP motor and removable parts engineered to remain trouble free with high volume juicing.

Heavy Duty Construction

Has a two cutter interchangeable configuration that has 16 blades or shredder which exerts force to the produce squeezing out the juice.

Pulp Ejection

This multi-purpose juicer has a tunnel through which the dry pulp comes through after the juice has been extracted. Since this happens as juicing continues, there's no need to stop to remove the pulp.

5. Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy duty Stainless steel juice extractor

Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy duty Stainless steel juice extractor

This is a high end powerful centrifugal juicer which produces large volumes of the beverage ideal for large scale production in a restaurant, bar, institutions among others. These are the dominant feature in this design:

Safe Operation Interlock System

Prevent dangerous operation as the juicer cannot turn on unless all parts are well assembled and in place. It so then last long as you cannot run it as u please but have to follow the manual.

Pulp Ejection

It automatically separates the dry pulp from the juice without stopping to remove the pulp, hence non- stop juicing. You, therefore, work conveniently and uninterrupted too.


Ultra powerful high-speed motor of 16000 RPM that quickly and easily extract large quantities of healthy, pure juice from fruits and vegetables.


It's easy to clean and also maintenance in whole and detachable parts. It also comes with a warranty covering the manufacturers' negligence.

Final Verdict

I have taken you a journey right from the genesis where you had little knowledge about commercial juicers to here where you have a wide range of juicers to choose from. From the above information, you will no longer be indecisive about the juicer you want.

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