Best Compact Juicer - Guide and Review

What we intake in our bodies is unquestionably of keen interest to all individuals who are very enthusiastic about healthy foods in terms of quality, taste, nutritional value among others.

Blending and juicing of fruits and vegetables has come of age slowly being embraced as a necessity and not a luxury. Juice extractors are therefore in high demand for households or commercial purposes

Compact juicers are also known as centrifugal juicers which operate at high speed turning your favorite vegetables and fruits into a spectacular tasty juice.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Compact Juicer

I will work hard to give you all the necessary information to propel you in making a good decision in select from the variety of juicers in the market that fits your requirements and a device that is dependable, reliable and long- lasting. Here is what you need to consider.

Ease Of Use

For beginners in juicing, ease of use is a vital factor to consider.The juicer you choose should be easy to assemble, disassemble, convenience in clean up such that it does not clog up the juicer.It should have all the features necessary for it to achieve functionality.


They say cheap is expensive, if the quality is what you are looking for then you need to spend a fortune and buy a good brand.

Expensive juicers are long lasting, produce juice of high quality and few maintenance costs. However, if you have no experience with a juicer, then a simpler affordable one will be perfect for you.

Functionality/ Size

Size determines the volume that can be produced; then a larger juicer is suitable.Similarly, depending on the available space you have in your kitchen it's key to check the size. The more the features, the more the functionality.


Depending on your environment, it would be good that you understand that cheap, highspeed juicers are very noisy and therefore easily distract.On the other hand, slow juicers are quieter hence convenient to work with if the surrounding calls for quietness.

Best Compact Juicer


It's critical to check on the guarantee of a juicer. This covers of any unforeseen defect that the manufacturer could have omitted. This ensures that you have peace of mind while juicing.

Recommended Best Compact Juicer

If you are considering purchasing a compact juicer,having the best could be all you are looking for. A device that is worth of your money and will be economical,time saving and require less energy in operation.It will be great if you have any of these top rated models.

1. Breville JE98L Juice Fountain Plus 850 watt Juice Extractors

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

A very popular brand in the market. With the above specifications is an all round centrifugal juice which is affordable, reliable and easy to use device fit for any household. Below are its Features;


It operates at high speeds making the whole process right from preparation to consumption shorter. It only takes a few minutes to juice once you press in the produce to be extracted.


Once you turn on the flip, juicing begins and is very fast. It also easy to assemble and disassemble the few parts of the juicer hence it's very convenient in use. However,the more simpler it is the narrow the range of activities its able to perform.


This juicer comes with a one year warranty an assurance that the manufacturer will bear the cost should there be any technical breakdown should there be any defect from the negligence of the manufacturer.


These juicers extract juices very fast hence, you can enjoy your fresh juice. However, this juice is to be consumed within a day due to oxidation which may destroy the juice.

2. Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700 watt juice extractor

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With its brand well accepted in the market, it delivers on the performance as you expect it.

It has a compact design which uses centrifugal action to grind and extract juice. These are its features;

Lock Mechanism

This is an inbuilt safety mechanism that prevents unsafe operation on the juicer. You cannot turn it on without having locked it in place first.

Easy To Clean

It comprises of : cover, shredding disc, plunge, pulp catcher and a juice jug all easy to clean. However, it requires immediate cleaning after use to avoid pulp drying on it which may cause clogging.

Simple To Use

It does not require any craftsmanship skills in assembling, disassembling, operating it and even cleaning. Its therefore suitable for beginners or those that have no diverse experience with juicers.


Since it uses high speeds to run, there’s a lot of oxidation and takes a few seconds to complete juicing. However, this juice should be consumed within a day. The beverage is foamy.

3. Cuisinart CJE 500 watt Compact Juice Extractor

Cuisinart CJE 500 watt Compact Juice Extractor

This model is an efficient, sleek and slender, compact design that fits in small to large kitchen depending on the space available.

It process juice very fast making it ready for consumption within no time.

Centrifugal Technology

Refers to its high-speed operation with very powerful motor guards against overheating suitable for occasional juicing. It exerts maximum pressure on the fruits or vegetables producing high volumes of the juice.

Compact Size

The Cuisinart juice extractor is handy,portable design and weighs under 10pounds with dimensions of 7 inches wide.With all the inbuilt features its functionality is assured. It can be stored in relatively small kitchens as its space efficient.


The stainless blades are very dependable as they grind the skin and rind hence no need to chop the produce and besides it is long lasting. In addition,it has a warranty,a sure cover from the manufacturer's side to be held liable out of hid negligence or omittion in manufacture.

Easy To Assemble

This particular juice extractor has few removable parts which are easy to assemble or disassemble. It’s therefore ease in use even for a beginner as it does not require additional skills to learn how to use it.

4. BLACK+DECKER JE2400BD 400 watt Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

BLACK+DECKER JE2400BD 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

The extractor turns all your favorite fruits and vegetables into a delicious juice separating the pulp from the juice.

It come with intuitive controls and dishwasher safe parts.

Dual Safety Locking Mechanism

This prevents unsafe and dangerous operation of the juicer. The latches have to be locked on either side before turning it on. This feature adds greatly on its leverage as it reduce wear and tear making it last longer.

Easy To Clean

The device has removable and dishwasher safe parts consisting of stainless blades and strainers, making it easy to clean and also maintain.

Its also very easy cleaning it by hand and letting it to dry before assembling it back ready for use.


It's fitted with a powerful 400 watts gear for high speed running, therefore, juice is obtained relatively fast. Besides, it has in-built cord storage and can handle large quantities of fruits and vegetables.


Has a 2 year limited on some parts of the juicer hence the manufacturer is partly liable for a technical breakdown on the machine.

However,all it parts are well fitted and of good quality minimizing the chances of btrakdown or the maintenance costs.

5. Juiceman JM 250 Compact Juicer

Juiceman JM 250 Compact Juicer

This edgy look design juicer is a sure promise of fun experience while juicing due to the engineering work put in place in its manufacture.

It has an inbuilt anti- drip spout which makes cleaning very easy.

Integrated Pulp Container

For you to get a smooth juice with no pulp, there an integrated pulp container that holds all the pulp from the juicing activity. This ensures that juicing is uninterrupted as you dont have to stop juicing to remove the pulp.

Speed Controls

The juicer features two speeds control settings on the motor base of the unit which can be selected based on the nature of the ingredients being juiced. In juicing soft fruits you can use the lower speed limit,and when juicing the hard fruits you can use the higher limit.

Safety Locking Latches

You cannot be able to operate sufficiently if the latches are open as it is mandatory to lock them before turning it on, otherwise, you cannot juice. This is to secure the motor base and the lid.

Ease Of Use

This design is relatively easy to operate, clean up after juicing as it has fewer parts that detach. Similarly,it does not require chopping the produce as it has inbuilt features that peel and chop the produce. It has snap handles for easy grip while juicinga plus on it stability hence can not slip and break down.

Final Verdict

Just as we have different people with different thoughts, perceptions, opinions, values and so on, so is the great diversity of centrifugal juicer extracts available in the market.

Based on this, its clear to see that each juicer has its shortcoming. However based on what you want it is now no longer a tedious task deciding which variety is best suited for your requirements.

It would be good to understand the benefits by far outweigh the few limitations the devices may have.No need to work much while purchasing a device from the market.

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