Kitchen Aid KSM1JA Masticating Juices

Get a perfect  Kitchen Aid KSM1JA Masticating Juices and sauce attachments tool to stock up on freshly gathered fruits and vegetables for daily usage.

Kitchen Aid KSM  is well incorporated with a kitchen Aid based juicer and sauce extension which attaches right away to your kitchen stand mixer.

The juicer attachments are designed in a way that it is slow in operation where it starts by slicing then followed by processes soft tough or leafy and fleshy fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrients extraction.

The device is further made of 3 pulp screens that offer endless options favorable for low pulp or high pulp juices, sauces and jams.

It can work on a variety of products as you can see from the description above and therefore purchase one and enjoy all these services granted by the product. It is also highly reliable in making quality and clean drinks and therefore you should not have any doubt on hygienic affairs.

Kitchen Aid KSM 1JA Masticating Juices and Sauce Attachments, Silver Review

Three Pulp Screens

The tool has a nice and suited design characterized with tri-pulp screened sections meant to facilitate a wide variety of processes.

The tasks carried out by the three pulp screens ranges from both low pulp and high pulp juices together with sauces and jams produced. Therefore it is a multitask tool for drink preparations.

Large Sized Feeding Tube

The masticating juices and sauce attachment named above is smartly constructed with an extra wide tube for feeding and stainless steel blade for slicing fruits or vegetables into suitable sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables with less preparation work and thus saves a lot of your time used at work.

Well Attached To Power Hub

The masticating tool is suitably constructed to provide proper compatible attaches or extensions to the power Hub. It conveniently fits on your stand mixer and uses the power produced by the motor to comfortably operate the attachments effectively and without any problem.

Wide Range Of Attachments

The masticating juicer and sauce attachments model that is reviewed here has sufficient compatible and fully complementing attachments. These extras ensure that you complete all the tasks that are meant toe done by their tool ranging from simple to detailed ones. Some of these attachments are: the juices and sauce attachments, 3 pulp screens, pitches and waste container among others. All of them comes with the product purchased.


The product is well secured with a complete or fully description of your warranty coverage where you are called upon to contact information for service and necessary support from the relevant dealers.

All the complaints will be catered provided you purchase your commodity from our rightful sellers provided it is within the prescribed time limit.

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  • The tool is easy to use
  • The tool is portable
  • It is cheap
  • It has diversified functions
  • It has nice looking design


  • It is quite noisy while in operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any vessel to tap or catch the drippings from juice? If not, is it not difficult to clean it up?

A: Yes, there an extended grate-like design for capturing those drippings.

Q: Does the product have the casing anywhere?

A: Yes, You can get one on our market.

Q: Am I allowed to use this tool outdoors for some reasons?

A: Yes you can, provided you do it in a clean environment.

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Final Verdict

Kitchen Aid KSM 1JA Masticating Juices and sauce attachments, silver equipment is a great model for proper mastication of juice and other related products with a very high quality that has been given credit by many customers who have purchased and used it.

Many of the users are much contented with its efficiency and quality of work it delivers. The satisfaction is extremely expressed as per their positive comments on our website platform and categorized it among the five star rated products.

I would, therefore, recommend this product to everyone who wishes to prepare sweet and quality drinks for their families or even for sale to purchase one on our market since it is an inexpensive and simple product that will not exploit your budget.

Using this product will advance your diet together with your family and improve your lifestyle.

Jose Warren

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