Nutrichef PKSJ40 Countertop Masticating Slow Juicer Review

Do you want a masticating juicer that juices more nutritious and flavorful juices? Then look no more because in my attempt to research I came across this perfect masticating juicer by the name Nutrichef slow juicer.

The juicer is ready to serve you with high power and slow masticating juicer crushes and squeezes the fruits and vegetables rather than shreds to provide a thicker and a more nutritious drink.

The low-speed extraction provides the drink with more nutrients, vitamins, and mineral, unlike the centrifugal juicer due to its fast speed that reduces its chances of obtaining maximum nutrients.

What makes this masticating juicer different is that it avoids high temperature and allowing more juicing making a way for enzymes to reach the cup that would be lost with standard high speed juicing.

This system produces rich and thick juices, leaving unwanted pulp to be dispensed out of the clog –free waste chute. Continuing reading to see how convenient the masticating slow juicer is.

Nutrichef PKSJ40 Countertop Masticating Slow Juicer Review

Creates Healthy And Nutritious Juice

This masticating juicer makes it easier to create healthy and nutritious drinks because of its capability of maximum extraction of nutrients from fruits and juice. It provides maximum high-yield juice extraction because it has been tested to produce more juice than standard juicers.

Easy To Use

The masticating juicer is simple to switch the button operation with forward/reverse ability that makes it easy to extract juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

This adjustable system of forward and reverse ability has a 200-watt high powered system giving it slow juice ability with its 80rpm motor; hence this slow speed prevents oxidation and creates high yield juice of maximum nutrients.

Gentle Juice Extraction

This high power and low speed masticating juicer crushes and squeezes rather than shreds to provide a thicker and more nutritious drink. The low-speed extraction is proven to provide your drink with more vitamins minerals and fiber the processed food.

This low speed of the juicer protects and maintains healthy enzymes, and also it prevents oxidation which makes the juice last longer.

It’s Durable

The masticating juicer has durable stainless steel housing and rugged engineered plastic. The fingerprint- proof stainless steel is durable enough for your kitchen. The rugged design is also stain resistant for easy and for clean-up. The motor is powerful since it can chop most of vegetables and fruits.

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  • It is easy to use because it has the adjustable system in display it is easy to reverse
  • The juicer is durable hence it is not easy for the masticating juicer to breakdown.
  • It extracts maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables also
  • Easy to clean up since there is no clogging and also because of its rugged design
  • It does not over heat hence the enzymes are protected and maintained
  • It extracts the minerals quietly without noise like the centrifugal juicers.


  • It is expensive

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does the masticating juicer come with a warranty?

A: it has a warranty of one year. This warranty covers all the masticating juicer parts and also the motor. On Amazon, they have a free month trial for consumer’s satisfaction

Q: does it come with one or two filter basket?

A: It comes with one sturdy basket the screen is fairly coarse making a pretty pulpy juice but so far this juicer is awesome.

Q: Can it juice wheatgrass?

A: Yes, it can juice only when the wheat grasses its in the bunch that resembles a ball, but the juicer can juice other products such as Apple.

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Final verdict

The most special thing about this masticating juicer is that it has a super extractor that means that you will get all the nutrients you want from the fruits and vegetables when you juice with this juicer.

It is a thorough extractor because it leaves the pulp very dry it resemble wood. This is a quality juicer l would recommend this to all the beginners l would tell them to start small and then later think power shots. That is you need to try out this masticating juicer and then expand from that give it a try.

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