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Skg New Generation Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer Review

The SKG wide chute anti- oxidation slow masticating juicer is a pretty amazing juicer. It is so easy to use for anyone who has never used a juicer because it comes with a manual and also a nice book of recipes.

The nice thing about this juicer is that the chamber is large enough so you can put large pieces and even sometimes whole fruits in it.

It has a part where you can gently push the pieces down into the blade. The juicer gets a really large amount of juice from the fruit and also the vegetables.

You will be pleased by this juicer how it works and even it doesn’t clog. You will have fun doing it and also making great and healthy juices.

Skg New Generation Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer Review

Motor Power

It has a top quality 240w AC motor with a low speed of sixty RPMS. This enables the ingredients to be squeezed with minimal oxidation hence it preserves the natural taste and nutrients.

The juice is much more nutritious and tastes better and also fresher, unlike the centrifugal juicers which all the nutrients are lost due to high speed and also heat. Also, the produced juice is high yield.

Wide Mouth

The juicer is designed with a big mouth wide chute can easily accommodate large produce items has more resistance to clogging this greatly reduces the preparation and the clean-up time. There is less chopping of the ingredients also helps to reduce the oxidation  as  the bigger the pieces  the harder the oxidation  hence making the juice be tastier


It has a warranty of 2 years this is for the customer’s satisfaction whereby the warranty covers all parts of the juicer and also the motor to the customers there is also a free trial for one month. And also an extension of ten years warranty for the motor also and also they offer a discount for the purchasing spare parts.

Strainer Base And Valve

The strainer base provides a sealed space to hold the juice during juicing to prevent oxidation, and the valve should be shut during juicing this it to enable the juice to maintain its original taste which is better.

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  • It is easy to clean –up since there is no clogging hence saves time
  • High yield and quality juice is produced which is more nutritious
  • It preserves the original taste of the juice
  • Wide chute prevents oxidation together with sealed valve
  • It comes with warranty of two years hence full fills the customers satisfaction
  • It is easy to use


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Loud during operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can it run at a time?

A: Depending on the ingredients the juicer can work continuously for ten to twenty minutes without any break. The harder the ingredients the shorter the duration of time it will take.

Q: How long does the juice from this machine last in the fridge?

A: The juice is made to be consumed right away technically, but it can last longer more than one day.

Q: Will this do well on leafy greens such as kales and spinach and what about hard products such as sweet potatoes?

A: Masticating juicer is good for leafy products and also due to a good motor it can grind hard ingredients but not too hard.

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Final Verdict

This is one of the wonderful masticating juicer in the market because it has much amazing quality first it doesn’t clog or require much chopping. The build quality is excellent in that it is built to last and look good.

This juicer exceeds what a biggest centrifugal juicer it has a blade that can chop fruits and vegetables in a half.

It has a silicone scrapper that rotates counter to the screen and keep the scraped clean that is why they don’t back up or clog hence it is easy to clean.

I would recommend this masticating juicer to everyone who has laziness when it comes to chopping the veggies into small pieces you don’t have to that anymore you just need to use the pusher. It is much more efficient the juice tastes great.

Jose Warren

Jose Warren is the Editor of Cooljuicer.com. Who is a Marketing Masticating Juicer and love to share what he know about this field. In personal life he is a father of two cute kids and loving husband of a beautiful wife. He love foods and nothing is more important than reading book in his spare time.