Health benefits of lemon water that we don’t know

Lemons fruits are known to be of high health benefit to human beings benefits, and to be specific, they are a good source of vitamin C. A cup of fresh lemon drink has the capability to provide in excess of 87 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. A juice from lemon fruit can also provide magnesium, potassium and copper minerals as required by the human body. I hope this makes you realize the role lemon juice plays in making you become, and stay healthy. There are a number of ways one can drink lemon water. The most preferred way of drinking lemon is by means of chopping it into small pieces before tossing it into hot water. Other ways include cutting the lemon into two pieces before mechanically squeezing juice out of the fruit before drinking it. The other way involves one eating the lemon fruit thereby drinking its juice in the process.

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14 major health benefits points about lemon water

 1. Boosts digestion & detoxification

According to a number of studies, the atomic structure of lemon water is similar to the stomach’s digestive juices. When lemon one drinks lemon water, it causes the liver to produce bile. The bile is important in keeping the food to continuously and smoothly move through the body as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Also, Lemon water has for many years been known to ease stomach upsets thereby relieving indigestion.

2. Provides Vitamin C to the body

Human bodies do not have the ability to make Vitamin C on their own, and it is therefore requires enough vitamin C supplements to properly operate. With a glass of lemon juice, one’s body is able to acquire the required amounts of this vitamin.

Makes body to heal & Rejuvenates skin

With lemon water, you can get sufficient vitamin C to keep your body continue producing collagen. These collagens are important in making your face become free of wrinkles. According to a recent publication by American Journal 0f Clinical Nutrition, regular consumption of vitamin C leads to a younger looking face with few wrinkles. Also with Vitamin C, that may be obtained from lemon there is guarantee of fighting the damage brought about by the free radicals.

3. A provides boost to Immune System

When you drink lemon juice in the morning, your body gets a chance of absorbing minerals such as potassium and magnesium contained in the lemon thereby providing a bit of immune boost. Vitamin C is also known to be beneficial to adrenals thereby helping to cut down the effects of stress.

4. Maintain Healthy Weight

Evidence shows that people who drink lemon water in the morning have managed to keep their weight in check. This is because; drinking plenty of lemon water can lead to increased metabolism.

5. It is good source of potassium

As already said, one of the key minerals present in lemon is potassium. Some health benefits of potassium n the body include proper functioning of brain and nerves. It is also important for a healthy heart.

6. Helps cleanses the system

With just a glass of lemon juice, you have sufficient compounds necessary to help remove toxins from your body. This is achieved through the enhancement of the enzyme function thereby stimulating the liver.

7. Freshens the breath

Lemon water helps in relieving toothaches as well as gingivitis. This is achieved through brushing of your teeth some moments after drinking lemon water with the aim of deterring enamel erosion as a result of presence of citric acid in the mouth.

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8. Reduces inflammation

When one drinks lemon water on a regular basis, there is bound to realize reduction of acidity in their body, which has always been the main source of disease occurrence. This leads to the removal of uric acid from the joints, which has over the years been credited for inflammation.

9. Provides energy to the body

When one drinks lemon water, their body receives energy boost. He/she also experiences decreased anxiety as well as stress.

10. Helps reduce caffeine from the body

One wouldn’t believe this unless he/she tries it by replacing his/her morning coffee with a lemon juice. One would feel refreshed and free of issues associated with caffeine in the body.

11. Aids in the fight against viral infections

One of the most effective and practical ways to reduce viral infections and issues associated with their infection like sore throats is the use of warm lemon juice. As already discussed above, lemon water has the capability to boost the immune system of a person.

12. Lemon water helps in rehydration

Increased intake of water helps in the rehydration of the body. However, when one uses a good number of slices of lemon fruit dipped in water, there is acceleration of electrolyte content harmonization in their body.

13. Good for one’s Eyes

Long time ago, parents could tell their kids to eat carrots to boost their vision. However, nowadays, they have realized that lemon is good for better vision. A combination of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon help protect one’s eyes against cataracts and muscular degeneration.

14. Catalyzes Metabolism

For anyone willing to start losing weight through lifestyle change, then drinking lemon water/juice is a must include habit. Lemon juice helps speed up body metabolism. Lemon has pectin fiber which can help one reduce their craving for food.

How to prepare lemon water

Lemon water can be extracted from the lemon fruit by mechanically squeezing the fruit, by either using commercial/home extractor or using one’s hands. The extracted juice can then be directed into a clean container where one can then add some water to increase its quantity before drinking.

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Side effects of Lemon water

There are very few known adverse side effects of lemon water. Here are some of these effects

  1. Lemon water can irritate one’s eyes if they come into contact.
  2. Lemon water when mixed with alkaline material like toothpaste can cause tooth decay.


Lemon water is an important health component whose uses go beyond what we’ve discussed above. It is therefore upon everyone to do more research on how best he/she can incorporate lemon water into their diet for a better living.

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